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Alex Rodriguez: ‘If you are unable to sell Aaron Judge, it’s hard to sell anyone’


Alex Rodriguez may be known. Very famous. You should know that Alex Rodriguez is known with no knowledge of who he’s. He’s a type of individuals who, in that abstract way, just looks famous. He will be probably still one of the more famous sportsmen in america, and indeed one of the most – otherwise the most – famous baseball players.

Which is a problem considering he retired in 2019. Rodriguez was – still is – a cross-cultural celebrity in a fashion that the majority of the current crop of Major League Baseball players may not be. Being among the best players the game has experienced helped, as did the background with performance-enhancing drugs, an exceptionally public private life including a feisty on-field persona. However if you asked a standard American who couldn’t regularly go through sport to mention a baseball player, you will find a good possibility they would say Rodriguez, as an alternative to anyone still playing.

It ‘s no particular surprise then, that “A-Rod” would be the man MLB made a decision to publicise next summer’s games in great britan, when the Nyc Yankees (his old team) in addition to their great rivals, and current World Series holders, the Boston Red Sox face each other twice working in. But exactly how difficult is it to sell a fresh sport to the country with little cultural history along with it, without many “stars” to aid?

“We ought to lead with these best players and initiate telling stories,” says Rodriguez, using a space overlooking the London Stadium, that may host the 2 main games. “Aaron Judge will be the one who jumps out from the screen because he’s like a Game of Thrones character.

“This guy is 280 pounds, he’s 6ft 7in, he’s under 10% extra fat and then he posseses an over 30-inch vertical jump. He may make baseballs seem like projectiles. He’s this beautiful man, who’s big and strong and smart. Folks who wants sell him, you cannot sell anyone.”

Judge, the Yankees outfielder who was simply MLB’s rookie of the year in 2019, is perhaps the ideal candidate to get your next “face of baseball”, but there are few others. Mike Trout, the LA Angels outfielder, regarded by some as not just the most effective current player but on the list of greatest for all time, could possibly walk down Broadway and not turn many heads. Likewise Bryce Harper, who this winter could sign binding agreement worth $400m with whoever has that sort of cash lying around, and Mookie Betts, the Red Sox’s leader and reigning American League MVP.

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It could be they just do not desire to be famous. Perhaps it is actually detrimental on their game. Rodriguez pauses briefly when asked if this will have benefited his game had he been less famous. “I wish numerous things were different that could make me a better player,” according to, carefully. “If I’d been advising an early Aaron Judge or possibly a young Alex Rodriguez, I might certainly point out that less is more. It would likely have got me to better as well as my team better in addition.”

But maybe persons are not required for baseball to have hold in britain – maybe the spectacle is enough, beginning the fiercest and longest-running rivalry inside the sport. “These are a couple of titans,” says Rodriguez. “It’s goliath versus goliath. Whenever the Red Sox win – and they have won lots of late – this makes it much more interesting. The Yankees wish to be the best additionally, the baddest. They’re over 100 years, with 27 championships, so they’re really inspired and motivated to take the throne back.

“When you consider history in sports in the states, part of that’s Yankees v Red Sox. It has been almost 120 numerous a rivalry. My first game ever at was for 18-year-old at Fenway Park, and I’ve been returning to college in excess of Twenty five years – I’ve never went to a casino game that hasn’t been had sold out concerts. It is hard to spell it out the electricity. We’re leading with the best, and we’re coming here when using the best America offers.”

What then for baseball throughout the uk? The Red Sox plus the Yankees is a breeze enough to trade, they cannot give back each year. Cleveland against Might might tax the marketing department a little more.

Still, Rodriguez seems pretty confident that Britain doesn’t need celebrity like his to market the experience. “Baseball is ideal for Brits. All of you love history. I’m sure you are likely to adore it.”

The Boston Red Sox will play the latest York Yankees at the London Stadium on 29-30 June. Register for tickets at

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