Saturday, December 14, 2019

Celtics’ Jaylen Brown blames ‘toxic’ locker room for Boston’s struggles


Celtics guard Jaylen Brown has blamed a “toxic” environment for Boston’s highly underwhelming 2018-19 campaign.

Brown’s Celtics were supposed to take a step forward after weathering a litany of injuries to come back with a single victory of last year’s NBA finals, but have struggled with chemistry and consistency all season long. Worse, things look like they’re headed within the wrong direction with Boston having lost seven with their last 10 games to slump to fifth from the Eastern Conference standings.

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“The losing, it isn’t really a very good feeling,” Brown told the Boston Globe. “Because at this time it isn’t really good. It’s toxic. I will not really explain another thing. I haven’t got all of the answers. I’m just visiting think of yourself as area of the change. I’m going to try and do my best. That’s all I must say.”

Boston, who open a four-game road trip on Tuesday night from the Golden State Warriors, are running out of time for it to turn their season around, but Brown said the Celtics can easily still recover.

“I still believe,” Brown said. “I think we have now the perfect time to have it together. I’m very optimistic as well as positive and are convinced i will. … We keep discussing it. I’m just intending to aim to undertake it with my play, emerge and play hard and attempt to change the atmosphere and this environment.”

One possible grounds for the discord is the constant chatter that’s surrounded the approaching free agency of star point guard Kyrie Irving, which could have far-reaching effects over the locker room. Should Irving re-sign when using the Celtics, then Boston’s younger assets, including Brown and Jayson Tatum, can be packaged inside of a trade to the New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis. If Irving walks, Brown and Tatum will in all probability stay.

Irving admits the distraction has gotten an affordable toll.

“I really didn’t enter in to the bingo for being cameras inside my face, you realize, be famous, be described as a celebrity, whatever embodies that, therefore it is just a little challenging for me,” he told reporters on Sunday. “I wanted those techniques after i was younger however right now at that point at my career Quite possibly to relax and play basketball in the very, huge level and the distractions that can come while in the team sometimes could possibly get overwhelming so, I’m human.”

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens acknowledged the c’s did not even approach their lofty goals for that season, but will follow Brown it’s not late to show things around.

“This is about being together,” Stevens said. “We haven’t repeated together with the right connected level for lots of the year. But we’re able to practice it and that we have completed it and that is exactly going to have to often be a choice. Ultimately, that’s on us all. We’re all in charge of that. Strangely I enjoy most about basketball is when a team comes together. We have not yet. So we’ll see.”

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