Saturday, March 28, 2020

Former Number one pick retires from NHL citing ‘unresolved’ concussion symptoms


Former One overall NHL draft pick and six-time All-Star Rick Nash has retired on account of concussion-related symptoms, his agent said Friday.

Until his retirement, Nash trailed only Alex Ovechkin and Patrick Marleau with career goals scored among active players with 437. Actually is well liked had 368 assists in 1,060 career games.

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“Due to unresolved issues/symptoms on the concussion sustained last March, Rick Nash shall be made to retire from your bet on hockey. Below the advice of his medical team, the danger of further injury to the brain is much too great if Rick returns to learn,” agent Joe Resnick said within a statement. “Rick would choose to thank everyone having supported him with this awkward time period.”

The Columbus Blue Jackets selected the Canadian in 2002. He entered the league at 18 and spent the primary nine seasons with the team. The Blue Jackets traded him towards New york city Rangers next year, where he spent six seasons, and that he also played 11 games when using the Boston Bruins in 2018 after being traded there in February.

It was together with the Bruins that they sustained his most current concussion, which occurred in a game title in March, though he did return for any playoffs. He reportedly suffered several concussions throughout his career, including the one that forced him to miss 6 weeks in 2019.

Entering in 2010, he was a free agent following end of his eight-year, $62.4m contract signed with Columbus.

Now 34, he told teams at the start of free agency that he wasn’t yet wanting to play.

He led the NHL in goals with 41 in 2003-04 and tallied a career-high 42 goals in 2019-15.

The Brampton, Ontario, native also won Olympic gold medals with Canada this season and 2019.

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