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‘It’s the best game within the world’: readers on One hundred years within the NHL





Domenic suited up ahead of a regular Friday after work game.

‘The first musical tune I could hum was the ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ theme song’

Name: Jeff Powell

Location: Toronto

My NHL team is… Toronto Maple Leafs

I spent your childhood years in… the suburbs of Toronto, so there wasn’t really a choice.

Hockey means… everything for Canadians! I started to skate not long after studying to walk, and spent more time playing road hockey than Used to planning to school.

My Dad… has forever been an enormous hockey fan. He waxes lyrical around the times of the ‘original six’, and watching the greats like Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe. While he played they put retracted newspapers for their socks, without helmets. Dedicated.

My five-year-old daughter… doesn’t know she’s a Leafs fan yet. I often take her over to skate.

The first musical tune I can hum was… the ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ theme song. It’s such as Match throughout theme tune, but better.

It’s been 50 years… since the Leafs last won the Stanley Cup. It would be karmic to lift the trophy whilst the NHL celebrates its centenary. But Practical goal holding my breath.

The sheer potential for obtaining the second pick was quite remarkable’

Name: James Joslyn

My NHL team is… Winnipeg Jets

What I love regarding the sport is… the generally tight games, the level of the crowds and the fast pace of the game. I admire its relative simplicity.

The team’s good results… came well before time. Though the 2019 Draft Lottery, enabling the Jets to move on the sixth pick on the second and pick Right Wing Patrik Laine, having a lot of optimism for future seasons which has a real star to make around. That advertise wasn’t fulfilled last season, but it resembles it might this occassion and bodes well money. The sheer chance of obtaining second pick was quite remarkable all of which will hopefully be a turning point for a franchise which has struggled since relocating and reviving the Jets name.

It’s challenging to look beyond… Teemu Sel?nne as my all-time favourite player. Nicknamed “The Finnish Flash” his achievements when using the Jets, particularly that incredible rookie season, are a thing that can not be underestimated. He or she much better remembered for his time while using Ducks, but his amount of time in Winnipeg was this type of fruitful one.

Out of the current bunch… I can’t help but admire the Columbus Blue Jackets’ stony-faced goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky. The function of an goaltender is a precarious one but Bobrovsky is ice-cool stressed and pulls off some incredible stops.

My Grandmother was from Montreal and my Grandfather was from Boston. Enough said!’

Name: Chris Fielder

Location: Saint Augustine, Florida

My NHL team is… Boston Bruins

When I’m in my teens… I would spend Saturday nights with my Grandparents and we might watch Hockey Night in Canada. The very best nights were in the event the Bruins literally Canadiens. My Grandmother was from Montreal and my Grandfather was from Boston. Enough said!

My all-time favourite player is… Bobby Orr, most significant hockey players in recent history. Of the current bunch I’ve got to say many experts have enjoyable watching Brad Marchand change from a scrappy fourth liner towards the premier Winger he or she is today.

Living in North Florida… I avoid getting many chances to see the Bruins. On the other hand attempt to get through to the Tampa Bay Lightning games once they play them. The Jacksonville Icemen just roared to life being a Jets minor league franchise, so I am attending a number of games with my 13-year-old son.

‘My only probability to make up for NHL matters was my subscription to Sports Illustrated’

Name: Hayden Gordon

Location: Ottawa

My NHL team is… Chicago Blackhawks

I fell in love with the video game… growing in South Africa on my first stop by to the area ice rink. I also met the romance of living there at 16 and we’re still together.

I’ve attended some Ottawa Senators games… as they play locally. But I usually spend the winters in warmer climates currently. The thrill of retirement!

Back during my teenage life… there was no TV in South Africa. Clearly there was virtually no hockey information. My only chance to atone for NHL matters was my subscription to Sports Illustrated, which arrived on a monthly basis or more after publication.

I wrote to Bobby Hull… when I became a young person living in South Africa. I was thrilled to obtain a postcard back signed from the Blackhawks legend. I still need the credit card and showed it to him, when you were sufficiently fortunate to get meet in Ottawa. He took it from me carefully, looked it over and responded with a great smile.

‘The Flyers are definitely the only NHL team that had been beat the Red Army’

Name: Steve

Location: New Jersey

My NHL team is… Philadelphia Flyers

The one memory that basically stands out is … the time the Flyers defeated the Russian Red Army team 4-1 in 1976. It had been a famous international game took part in early January and was broadcast to a international audience. That it was this type of bad tempered affair, however the Flyers are the only NHL team that been able to beat the Red Army.

The most untouchable player is … Wayne Gretzky with out question. On the players currently within the NHL I love Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin.

For ages … it seemed almost like the velocity on the players made scoring more “luck in the bounce” than great playmaking. Fortunately the style of play is apparently opening up. It’s made the sport easier to watch in recent seasons.

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