Sunday, July 21, 2019

Muhammad Ali drawn by Paul Trevillion – a portrait 52 years in the making


I started pencilling this in 1964 when Ali beat Sonny Liston to win the world title. I am unable to count present I’ve created start taking capturing his face in the past, instead of been pleased with it. Many years ago I realized I had created nailed it – nevertheless it was only on Saturday within the first light as soon as i heard good news which it came together.

Muhammad Ali: the male behind the towering social and political figure | Thomas Hauser

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The reports were emerging after i placed the first paint to paper. Mentally I had created painted it hundreds of times – however this time it was the real deal.

I was there in 1963 in the weigh-in when Henry Cooper fought Cassius Clay at Wembley and knocked him down. I met Clay again for any return fight at Highbury 3 years later, and lots of times following that. He never remembered my name – he just called me “artist”.

The before I met him was as i was operating in the US in 1992 on a big Sports Expo. Storming Norman was there! But Ali was the only one everybody desired to see. He still called me “artist”, and said: “When will you finish that portrait you retain dealing with?”

Finally, it’s done.

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