Friday, July 19, 2019

NHL: The revolutionary Jersey Devils’ Martin Brodeur has set the record for many of us career wins


Martin Brodeur set the NHL record for some career wins as the On the internet services Devils beat the Chicago Blackhawks 3-2 on Tuesday.

The 552nd career win for Brodeur snapped a tie about the all-time list with Patrick Roy, who played for Brodeur’s hometown Montreal Canadiens.

Brodeur beaten down 30 of 32 shots facing a sold-out home crowd of 17,625. After having a last-second save to absolve the overall game, he shut down the net to be a memento.

“I’m happy it’s done and also over with,” the 36-year-old told reporters.

The Devils coach Brent Sutter summarized a rousing night that felt similar to a Stanley Cup play-off joust than only a regular-season game. “A record like that speaks by itself. The most wins in recent history by any goaltender whatever person unquestionably game. It’s special. There was clearly a great deal of emotion in the building.”

Brodeur, who helped Nj to 3 Stanley Cup titles, won four Vezina awards as best goalie as well as being four shutouts off the all-time NHL record, is confident he’ll add additional victories to his total. “Hopefully I’ll play use without batteries . many years have this record as much as possible and earn it harder for another guy which come around.”

The Devils lead the Atlantic Division by using a 46-20-3 record.

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