Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Seattle so you can get new NHL team as owners say yes to pay $650m expansion deal


The National Hockey League is expanding to Seattle. The NHL board of governors unanimously approved Seattle as being the league’s 32nd franchise on Tuesday, with play set to start in 2021 to allow for enough time for arena renovations.

“Today can be an exciting and historic day for the league when we expand to just one of North America’s state-of-the-art, beautiful and fastest-growing cities,” the NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, said. “And we’ve been thrilled that Seattle, a town which has a proud hockey history which includes is the home with the first American team ever to win the Stanley Cup, is finally joining the NHL.”

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The decision was widely expected following the Seattle Hockey Partners group impressed the board’s executive committee in October which includes a plan which have many of the ingredients the NHL was ready for. Strong ownership led by billionaire David Bonderman and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, a downtown arena in the sports-crazed city and a season-ticket drive that drummed up 10,000 orders in 12 minutes all cleared exactly how for that NHL to include another team not as much as few years after approving a franchise in Las vegas nevada.

The owners will pay a $650m expansion fee with the as-yet unnamed franchise, up from your $500m the Vegas Golden Knights paid to participate the league. The NHL may even realign its two divisions in the West to your 2021-22 season: Seattle might the Pacific, the location of the team’s closest geographic rivals like Vancouver, Calgary and San Jose, as well as Arizona Coyotes will shift to the Central Division. The remarkable debut by Vegas in 2019, including a be the Stanley Cup final, gave the league more confidence about continue so quickly.

Seattle in to a personal loan companies transplants because of the booming local economy. A hockey franchise would offer those newcomers a team to rally around, much like how it happened once the Sounders of Major League Soccer arrived at 2009 the very last team included to the city’s sport landscape. The SuperSonics were the 1st, joining the NBA in 1967, with the arrival with the NFL’s Seahawks in 1976 and MLB’s Mariners in 1977 after construction with the Kingdome. The SuperSonics relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008, and tend to be now the Oklahoma City Thunder.

While Seattle basks in news bulletins, it’s not at all pay off the NHL are going to be satisfied at 32 teams even with the fresh team providing balance between your Eastern and Western conferences including a natural, cross-border rival for any Vancouver Canucks. Deputy NHL Commissioner Bill Daly said recently that there is no magic number, even though no major Western sports league has ever grown beyond 32 teams. He said simply that expansion is suitable when it adds value towards the league. Houston, Quebec City and Toronto have the ability to been touted as possible new homes someday.

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